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      Pro number must be 10 digits, bill of lading, customer reference, and purchase order must be at least 3 characters, pickup confirmation at least 4 digits.

      If further assistance is required,

      please contact our Customer Service Centre.

      • *NEW* e-Tracking is Now Available!
        • Receive event notifications and documents automatically for any pro number.
      • Enter freight dimensions on your bill of lading.
        • Please see "Dimensions (optional)" right below the shipment detail.
      • Automatically assign our pro number to your bill of lading!
        • By assigning a pro number, you'll be able to print shipping labels and make corrections to your bill of lading prior to pick-up.
      • Print shipping labels.
        • Once you've assigned a pro number to your new bill of lading, print as many shipping labels as you need using Avery 5164 or 4" x 6" continuous stock.

      All information shown on this site is subject to change.